Board approves Advanced Track Program

AUL Updated Emblem-Jan2016The Academy for Urban Leadership is proud to present the newly Board-approved Advanced Track Program. Within each Academy, there is at least one advanced track, providing students with the opportunity to gain college credit and/or industry certification.

Students now have the opportunity to gain a world-class, rigorous, project-based learning experience directly related to their professional interests. This program will begin during the 2016-2017, with 10th grade students. The Advanced Track Program will be implemented during each successive grade, in the years to follow.

Students who are accepted and successfully complete this program, will prove to be globally competitive for Colleges’ and Universities’ accelerated BA/MA programs. Students who are not accepted into the advanced tracks will be able to explore electives within their selected academy. Below you will find a list of advanced tracks within the existing academies:

Law and Public Safety Business Technology Applied Science (STEM) Human Development
Criminal Justice and Law STEM: Computer Systems Technology
International Business
STEM: Biomedical Sciences
STEM: Engineering




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