AUL would like to remind all parents and students of a few important policies:

  • Classes begin at 8:00 am, students arriving after 8:05 am are marked late;
  • 18 absences are the maximum allowed for full year courses;
  • 9 absences are the maximum allowed for semester courses;
  • Loss of Credit (LOC) may result in excessive absences and/or lates;
  • Full uniform is required at all times (which includes collar shirt & tie, khaki or navy pants/skirts, all black shoes, cardigan sweater and/or vest;
  • Use of or visibility of personal electronic devices are not permitted during school hours;
  • Demerits over 13 will result in Student Not in Good Standing and/or referral to the Disciplinary Committee/AUL Board.

VII. Attendance Policy

Student Attendance

The AUL Charter School will place a high value on student attendance given that regular school attendance is one of the primary factors in a student’s academic and social development. In recognizing the need to uniformly enforce compulsory education, the baseline provisions and factors associated with the AUL School’s attendance policy will, at minimum, adhere to the following provisions

  • Students will be expected to attend school daily.
  • Parents will ensure that their son/daughter attends school punctually and daily.
  • Parents will notify the school the morning of an absence by telephone or written note. If such notice is not received, the school will make every attempt to contact the parents on the day of absence.
  • When the student returns to school, he/she will bring a signed note from the parent explaining the reason for the absence. The school will develop and distribute the specific form that parents will use for this purpose. This note will be presented to the homeroom teacher immediately upon the student’s return to school.
  • The Principal/designee may also require additional verification from the parent and student, such as physician’s note or court subpoenas, to substantiate the reason for absence.
  • A student arriving late (which is any time after the late bell) to class will be marked tardy. Repeated tardiness will result in disciplinary actions which may include detention (before school, after school, during lunch); in-school suspension; additional assignments; and/or referral to the Principal/designee.
  • A parent conference and referral to appropriate school staff may be pursued to address tardiness, but will not to be utilized as a disciplinary measure.
  • As further discussed below, all portions of this attendance policy apply to Special Education students unless the student’s IEP specifically states otherwise.

The intention of this policy is to allow for a student’s normal and usual illnesses. This will not be a permissive rule establishing or licensing a limit of days which may be missed with no harm. Rather, it will assume absences could occur for illness or serious personal or family problems. Absences for field trips, school related activities, court order, quarantine, and religious observances approved by the Principal within state guidelines will be exempt provided that appropriate documentation is received and approved. Students who are ineligible for course credit in any semester/marking period as a result of absences will also be immediately ineligible to participate in extracurricular activities (may be for the remainder of the year), interscholastic athletics (at minimum, for the remainder of the season), school scholarship programs, and cooperative education programs and service learning activities. The Principal will make a determination as to eligibility status for the remainder of the current semester and for subsequent semesters.

Frequency of Absences

A. Consecutive Absences: Any pupil who misses 10 consecutive school days, and who has not been medically verified as incapacitated, will be issued a written notification to report back to school within 5 school days. Failing to respond, a pupil under 16 years and the parent will be subject to NJSA 18A: 38-29 and NJSA 18A:38-31. The student will be dropped from the roll and another student may be enrolled from the waiting list.

B. Non-Consecutive Absences: See attendance policy below for Quarter, Semester and Full Year courses. Excessive absences will require the student and parent to attend an attendance counseling session with the building administrator.

C. After the 18th day of absence the student and his/her parent(s) are subject to course failure, retention, board action and/or court complaint. Any student who accrues more than 10% unexcused absences from a particular course is subject to course failure, retention in grade, and/or release from school roll.

D. Written Verification: Written medical or legal verification must be delivered to the school within 5 days of the student’s absence. Failure to do so will result in an unexcused absence designation.

Students enrolled in Quarter courses (1.25 credits) will receive a warning notice on their third absence from class; on their fifth absence they will be put on the “Student Not in Good Standing/DNP” list and will be put on Loss of Credit (LOC) status for that class. Students will remain in the class until its conclusion.

Students enrolled in Semester courses (2.50 credits) will receive a warning notice on their fifth absence from class; on their tenth absence they will be put on the “Student Not in Good Standing/DNP” list and will be put on Loss of Credit (LOC) status for that class. Students will remain in the class until its conclusion.

Students enrolled in Full Year courses (5.0 credits) will receive a warning notice on their ninth absence from class; on their nineteenth absence they will be put on the “Student Not in Good Standing/DNP” list and will be put on Loss of Credit (LOC) status for that class. Students will remain in the class until its conclusion.

Cutting Class

Students who arrive ten minutes after the start of class without a pass will be considered “Cutting Class”. The first offense will be an ISS; the second offense will be a second ISS and the student is put on the “Student Not in Good Standing/DNP List”; the third offense will be an OSS, student put on the “Student Not in Good Standing/ DNP List” and will be put on Loss of Credit (LOC) status for that class. Students will remain in the class until its conclusion.

Late to Class

Students arriving within ten minutes of class without a pass will be considered “Late to Class”. Students will receive two Demerits for each offense plus accumulate Detentions, ISS’s, and OSS’s as defined by the Demerit System; be in jeopardy of being put on the “Student Not in Good Standing/DNP List” and Loss of Credit Status.

Right To Appeal  

Appeals to any portion of the attendance policy may be initiated by students or their parents/guardians within three (3) school days of notification of ineligibility for course credit or participation in extracurricular activities, interscholastic athletics, scholarship opportunities, when absences can be documented as reasonable and necessary. In order to be fair, a School Attendance Appeals committee will hear the cases brought by students and/or parents/guardians within three (3) school days of receipt of the request. The decision will be provided, in writing, to the parent, student and appropriate school staff within twenty-four (24) hours of the appeals hearing. The members of the committee will be school staff assigned by the Principal.

Students who have been notified that they are ineligible for credit in a course as a result of absences and whose intention it is to enter into the appeal process will be required to continue attending class while awaiting the results of the appeal process. Students will also remain in the class until its conclusion if the decision is Loss of Credit (LOC). They may re-enroll the following semester.

The State of New Jersey recognizes the following absences as being excused due to:

A. Personal illness

B. Death in family

C. Religious holidays

D. (Student) judicial matters

All other absences are considered un-excused unless otherwise determined by the Principal or his/her designee.

Makeup Work Due to Absence

Upon the child’s return to school, he/she is responsible for obtaining all assignments missed during his/her absence(s). The number of days provided to complete missing assignments will be equal to the number of days missed. All assignments that are not made up will result in the recording of a zero.

Incomplete School Day

A. Tardiness

Students who arrive at school after 8:05 a.m. are late and must report to the front desk. Failure to sign in will result in disciplinary action. In addition, other appropriate corrective actions may be taken to resolve the problem.

Excused lateness is as follows:

1. Medical appointments, legal appointments, court appearances, and funerals with appropriate documentation.

Car problems, oversleeping, and other personal reasons will be considered unexcused.

B. Early Dismissal/Signing out

Students may only be signed out by their parent/legal guardian. The Parent/Legal guardian must provide in writing the names of any other persons authorized to sign their child out of school. All students must be signed out at the main office with proper identification provided. Any student who has not completed four hours of instruction for the day will be considered as absent. Acceptable reasons for early dismissal are as follows:

1. Verified illness during the school day as determined by the school nurse

2. Verified medical appointments, court appearances, legal appointments, emergency closings, or death in the family.

3. Early dismissal for Principal-approved activities. Time for these activities will be determined by the Principal and a note from the guardian will be required.

4. Students leaving early for an athletic activity must sign out, have parental/guardian permission, and a letter from a coach.

5. ** Medical appointments should be made after the school day when at all possible.

Summer School Attendance

It should be assumed by parents that Summer months are set aside for potential AUL Charter School extended academic programs especially if a student has failed one or two courses. Summer school attendance is required if assigned.

Full Year Courses are allowed one (1) absence and one late

Semester Courses are not allowed any absences or any late

Students will be allowed a thirty minute (30) lunch and must return on time to be eligible for Summer school completion. There is no excusable letter which is acceptable. Any failure for the student to attend and follow the Summer School Policy will result in repeating the course and/or grade retention.

Mandatory Student Orientation Attendance

Student Orientation is a required experience for AUL students for acceptance and promotion. All students accepted into AUL will be required to take placement tests in math and language arts. Students who wish to take an advanced level in Spanish also have the possibility of taking a Spanish placement test. These tests are taken during the last week of June. It should be assumed by parents that the end of August and the beginning of September are set aside for potential AUL Charter School orientation which is a two day program to promote from one grade to the next. Additionally, parents are required to attend one parent orientation session just before the beginning of school.

XIII. Uniform Policy

Student Dress Code
The AUL Charter High School is a place of business and learning; students will be expected to dress appropriately. Standard dress for all students is the official school uniform. Students are required to come to school every day in the proper attire. It is the obligation of the students to maintain their personal appearance in a manner that reflects well on themselves and on the school. Any type of garment that does not contribute to the proper social and school atmosphere will be prohibited by the school staff. Students will wear clothing that is neat, clean, and suitable for the classroom.

If students report to school in clothing which does not conform to the dress code, school staff will assess the circumstances and determine the measures to be taken to properly address the violation. The continued violation of the dress code may lead to administrative action. Violations of this policy will result in disciplinary action.

A student who comes to school out of uniform will not be permitted to attend class until a parent/guardian brings in a proper uniform. The student will be sent to In School Suspension (ISS) until their parent/guardian arrives. If a parent/guardian is not able to come to school at that time with the correct uniform they must meet with an Administrator at 8:00 am the following day and the student will remain in ISS for the day.

**Refer to Parent/Student Handbook for detailed description**

Dress Down Day Policy
On designated dress down days, students are expected to come to school in neat and presentable attire.

The following guidelines are set for dress down day attire:

  • Clothing that advertises illegal activities, weapons, or violence, or infringes on or asserts a particular viewpoint on gender or religion is not permitted.
  • Shorts must be an appropriate length (at-least the mid-thigh) and modest (without frays, holes, or slits).
  • All pants/shorts must be secured at the waist.
  • The midriff, lower back, or excessive cleavage must not be visible at any time.
  • Undergarments must not be visible at any time.
  • Extremely tight clothing that reveals the outline of underwear is not allowed.
  • Extremely large or baggy clothing is not allowed.
  • Hats, sunglasses, or headgear of any kind are not allowed.
  • Footwear is required and must not have open toes, cleats, wheels, or anything that is dangerous.
  • Slippers and stocking feet are not allowed.Tank tops are not allowed unless another shirt is worn over/under them.
  • Flannel pants or pajamas are not allowed.
  • Clothing must not present a tripping hazard.